Four Pathways of Growth: A 2-Part Class with Nitai Deranja
Online Feb 24 & March 3, 7:00pm-8:00pm, PST

                What’s most important to you: Friendship? Learning? Exercise? Adventure?

The ancient Rishis identified four basic modalities of relating to the world, which shape our development both personally and spiritually. In this interactive, experiential 2-class series, you will identify and make use of your predominant “Tool of Maturity”, while also developing your potential in other areas to become a more balanced, successful person.

Come explore four aspects of classical yoga: Hatha, Bhakti, Karma, and Gyana as they relate to the development of the body, feelings, will, and intellect. You’ll come away with new insights, and more importantly new tools, for furthering your own growth and bringing out the best in others!

meditationretreat.orgThe Four Tools of Maturity
as described in the Education for Life


Physical Energy and Control: development and care for the body as a life-long process; relating to life through movement, action, and expression through the body


Emotional Calmness and Expansiveness: the ability to harness and channel turbulent emotions and to be in touch with one’s own calm, sensitive feeling as an invaluable tool of understanding; relating to life through cultivating harmony, enjoying friendship, and appreciating the arts and music


Dynamic and Persistent Will Power: the ability to focus one’s energies towards overcoming obstacles and achieving success; relating to life through changing the outcome of events, mastering challenges, and accomplishing goals


Clear, Practical Intellect: clarity of thought; relating to life through thinking, learning, and understanding

meditationretreat.orgNitai Deranja is a longtime meditator, teacher, and one of Ananda’s Kriyacharyas. He is co-founder, with Swami Kriyananda, of Education for Life (EFL) and the author or co-author of four books: For Goodness’ Sake: Supporting Children & Teens in Discovering Life’s Highest Values, The Art of Joyful Education, Journey to the Heart of Nature and, most recently, The Road to Maturity. In his current role as president of EFL International, he oversees a network of nine schools in the United States, Europe and India.

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