A lovely location for inspirational group retreats in a relaxed, focused forest setting.

Use our retreat space to develop greater harmony in your group, share a relaxing, beautiful, uplifting environment, learn together, and uncover a more harmonious energy to bring into your shared place of community, work, or service.

Our retreat is perfect for:

  • Spiritual groups of all faiths and denominations
  • Wellness and healing programs
  • Yoga and meditation workshops
  • Nature enthusiasts, gardeners, or landscape architects
  • Music workshops

On 72 remote acres just two hours from Reno and Sacramento, we have hosted many group retreats and are reasonably priced.

Up to 30 guests with shared accommodations
Plus additional camping sites during the summer months.

Delicious vegetarian/vegan meals
Nourishing meals cooked fresh, daily.

See our full list of accommodations here.

Please call us at 530-478-7557 or email us.

With plenty of space for...

Group meetings and workshops
Accommodations for up to 30 (shared)
Communal dining, inside and outside

“The exquisite surroundings, attention to beauty and detail, deep spiritual atmosphere, and the abundant kindness and generosity of everyone on staff made it the perfect retreat setting. I have led retreats in many places and I can honestly say this environment is the most conducive to spiritual retreat that I have encountered.”

Marin County, California

Features and Amenities

Room for up to 30 guests

With a full reservation, we can accommodate shared housing for up to 30 guests or private accommodations for 20, plus camping sites during the summer months (at an add-on rate).

Temple and classroom space

Groups can reserve the use of our Temple of Silence and spend time in our meditation gardens.

Dining hall and lounge

You can use our dining hall and lounge area with a wood stove for your group activities during your stay.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and showers

Deluxe cabins are fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms and a Shower House is available for use to those staying in our Bungalows. See a full list of our accommodations.

Beautiful gardens and nature trails

Lush gardens, little ponds, and garden benches invite visitors to relax and enjoy the meditative ambiance. You may also enjoy the scenic hiking trails connected to the retreat. Learn more.

Nourishing vegetarian meals

Enjoy our vegetarian/vegan meals, cooked fresh daily. All meals are vegetarian and prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Non-alchohol and non-smoking

We are a non-alcoholic, non-smoking, drug-free, and vegetarian establishment offering you and your guests a special and unique experience.

“One of the most peaceful places on the planet.”

Sebastian Yavar

Questions and Answers

Do you require a deposit?

Your deposit is 20% of your total fee. In order to hold your reservation, your deposit is due within three weeks of the date you make your reservation.

How available is your staff?

We have between 8 and 10 friendly, supportive staff members living at the retreat, and there is always someone available to help with any issues that come up.

What is your cancellation policy?

When we hold your reservation, we turn away other groups. If you cancel more than two months prior to the arrival date, we will refund your deposit minus a $250 non-refundable administration fee.

If you cancel less than two months prior to the arrival date, we will hold payments (minus a $250 non-refundable administration fee) as a credit for up to one year.

What is a typical cost for a group?

We are reasonably priced. As an example, a 3-night retreat with 20 guests would cost around $7,500 including meals.

Are people of all faiths welcome?

Yes! All spiritual traditions are welcome and celebrated here. The beauty and presence of the Divine, no matter their background, is tangibly felt by those who visit.

Get in Touch and Claim Your Discount

Get in touch to learn about the rates and when the retreat is available for your group, get any other questions answered, and find out about your group discount.

You can call 530-478-7557, email us at meditationretreat@ananda.org, or fill out this form below.

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