Recharge your spirit with a morning of relaxation, meditation, and inspiration that will leave you refreshed, and help you to bring more calmness and joy into your life!

(April 17 to be rescheduled)

June 12, 9- 11:30 am PDT  $25- Register


~9:00 am- Introductions- getting acquainted

~9:15 am – Cultivating Deep Relaxation: An extended session of Yoga stretches, Pranayama, Guided and Silent Meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

~10:15 am- Interactive Session of insights and practical yoga techniques to help bring more calmness, joy, and energy into your life.

~11:15 – Group Sharing and Closing


REGISTER Now: April 17, 9- 11:30 am PDT 

REGISTER Now: June 12, 9- 11:30 am PDT