No cancer programs are currently scheduled. You might enjoy our Yoga and Meditation for Daily Life program instead.

Who is this retreat for?

This 3 week residential retreat is designed for cancer patients (all types and stages) who have undergone chemotherapy and /or radiation treatment in the last 10 years and are over 24 years of age.

Why attend this retreat?

Our retreat will restore your body and mind from the side affects of treatments. You will undergo a series of tests at the start and end of the retreat covering the 6 dimensions listed below. The results speak for themselves.

Dimension Start End
Tension 26 3
Depression 17 1
Anger 15 6
Vigor 10 20
Fatigue 17 4
Confusion 16 5

What People are Saying

The Retreat

This unique retreat uses evidence-based yoga science and includes meditation, yoga Nidra, chanting, breathing techniques and postures. Offered now for the first time in USA, this program has been highly successful for the past 3 years in India. During the 3-week retreat, we will support you to integrate our approach into your daily life. Previous participants have reported having vastly changed attitudes that have transformed their lives.


We provide one-on-one yogic counseling to adjust mental-emotional patterns that may have contributed to your illness, and we teach techniques to foster deep, lasting transformation.

At the core of the education retreat is the understanding of visceral experiences that yoga opens to your body, emotions and mind. We also raise awareness of carcinogenic factors in your life and how to avoid them.

Daily Schedule

6:45-8:15           Yoga – Asana/PranayamaRejuvenation Program for Cancer Patients
8:30-9.30           Breakfast
10:00-11:15       Lecture
11:30-12:30       Yoga – Pranayama/Meditation
12:30-13:00       Lunch
13.00-15:00       Free Time
15:00-16:30       Group Activity
17:00-18:15       Yoga Nidra
18:30-20:00       Dinner
20:15-21:00       Yoga – Meditation/Chanting

The group activities include health education, yogic counseling and therapeutic group work. We will help you to examine your attitude to life, and identify your personal goals to create a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

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