We can only trust that whatever comes is from Divine Mother. The more we love Her, the sweeter Her ways become-whatever they may be! Swami Kriyananda

Women’s Retreat~ Something special happens when women come together on retreat. There is a depth of connection, a meeting of hearts and minds. In addition to meditation and yoga postures, the Women’s Retreat features a Creative Arts session for a relaxing and fun way to connect with your spirit.

Time for rest and reflection, along with thoughtful instruction in meditation, relaxing yoga postures, and nurturing meals will give you a renewed feeling of energy, clarity, and inspiration.

Elements of the Women’s Retreat include:

  • Learning an ancient technique of meditation
  • Gentle yoga postures that help you relax and release tension
  • Inspirational workshop and sharing sessions
  • Nourishing vegetarian lunches and dinners
  • Time for relaxation, walks, journaling or reading

If you would like a longer stay, You can either add extra nights or come early for a Personal Retreat.

    Sample Schedule

    Arrival Day

    ~3-4:30 pm Check-in
    ~Hatha Yoga and Meditation
    ~Introductions and Orientation


    ~Yoga Postures and Meditation
    ~Breakfast- in Silence
    ~Workshop or Garden tour
    ~Guided Meditation

    Afternoons/ Evenings

    ~Free time to Rest, Read, Journal, Hike, Contemplate, Absorb
    ~ Yoga Postures & Meditation
    ~Creative Arts Workshop or other Inspirational Program


    ~ Yoga Postures and Meditation
    ~Closing Circle

    What Others Are Saying

    This was such a wonderful experience. My best friend and daughter and myself had a wonderful bonding experience not only with each other but in our own selves. Every moment was filled with joy and love. Thank you everyone. We will be back.D.C., Reno, NV
    The meditation/yoga sessions were relaxing, empowering, wonderful learning experiences. Very inspiring and makes me want to learn more, practice more, and build more and closer sense of community in my personal life and to serve my community more. P.M., Chico, CA
    This is such a beautiful space, I found myself in a completely different state of mind. All of the weight of my daily life was lifted and I felt like I was a part of something purposeful and peaceful.C.C., Reno, NV
    The Women’s Retreat is a gift we give ourselves as women living hectic lives in a hectic world. Renewing at Ananda Meditation Retreat in nature, great teachers, beautiful gardens, lovely women and amazing foods. All I had to do was show up. Thank you Ananda.
    B.L., Rancho Cordova, CA