"'Breath mastery is self-mastery.' Learn to master the breath for improved physical, mental, and spiritual well-being."

Sample Schedule

The wonderful breathing practices known as Pranayama bring bliss, health, and energy to mind and body. These ancient yogic techniques now are shown to benefit physical and emotional health.  Most importantly pranayama removes the obstacles to deep, undisturbed meditation and expands the consciousness in a joyful state of awareness.

Join us this weekend:

~Explore a variety of breathing techniques, which will include both a workshop to practice, plus yoga sessions for you to experience pranayama as part of the greater rhythm of yoga and meditation.

~Review and deepen your own pranayama practice or try something new.

~Learn and experience the physical and metaphysical aspects of pranayama breathing

~Have free time to read, absorb, journal, walk or relax

~Enjoy 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day

If you would like a longer stay, there’s a place on the registration form to either add extra nights or come early for a personal retreat or seclusion.


3-5 pm - Check In
5 pm - Extra gentle yoga with a particular focus on Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing and Ujjayi
6 pm - Dinner
7 pm - Orientation

Saturday Morning

7 am - Yoga Asana and Meditation with focus on Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing, 3-Part Breathing, Humming Breath, Measured Breathing
8:30 am - Breakfast
10 am - Workshop: The Power of Pranayama
12 noon- Guided Meditation
1 pm - Lunch

Saturday Afternoon

Free time to absorb, rest, journal, hike
4-6 pm - Yoga Asana and Meditation with focus on Surya Bedha Pranayama, Chandra Bedha Pranayama or Nadhi Shodanam
6 pm - Dinner
7 pm - Q&A Satsang, Kirtan or Other Inspiration Program


7 am - Yoga Asana and Meditation with focus on
Surya Bedha, Chandra Bedha or Nadhi Shodanam Pranayama
8:30 am -Breakfast
9:30 am - Closing Circle

*Optional activities at Ananda Village after check-out:
11 am - Sunday Service at Temple of Light
12:30 pm - Lunch at Expanding Light Retreat $15  
12:30 -3 pm- Expanding Light Boutique & Bookstore
1:30 -3 pm- Crystal Hermitage Shrine & Boutique

What Others Are Saying

I highly recommend Ananda Meditation Retreat to anyone that is looking to gain a deeper understanding and working knowledge of yoga and meditation. The staff are all extremely well versed in these areas and share all of what they know with students. Every meal served during the retreat was delicious... Enjoy the peace and tranquility that Ananda so willingly gives to all. J. M., Red Bluff, CA
I arrived at the Ananda Meditation Retreat with very little experience in meditation and some limited exposure to western yoga. The warmth and acceptance and guidance of the incredible instructors at the retreat opened my heart and being to a new approach to meditation and yoga that enhances life. I have begun on a new journey that is exciting, invigorating and nurturing. Thank you to the Ananda Community for sharing your wisdom! S.B., Sacramento, CA