6:30am–8:00am Meditation
8:30am–9:00am Breakfast
9:00am–9:30am Seva Circle – an inspirational discussion and scheduling for the day
9:30am–12 noon Seva Yoga or free time
12noon–12:30pm Meditation
12:30pm–1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm–5:00pm Seva Yoga or free time
5:00pm–6:30pm Raja Yoga class on Wednesdays
5:00pm–6:30pm Hatha Yoga and meditation
6:30pm–7:30pm Dinner
7:30pm–9:00pm Seva Yoga or free time

The Meditation Retreat offers three sessions of meditation and/or Hatha Yoga a day. Seva Yogis are required to attend two sessions a day. Schedule subject to change.