Ananda Meditation Retreat ~ a forest garden of deep stillness and peace. In-person retreat programs and private stays

Our programs are offered by experienced yoga practitioners who have been living these teachings for over 30 years.
Whether you have been meditating for many years or are just beginning your inner journey, we invite you to experience the joy, knowledge, depth, kindness, and warmth of Ananda Meditation Retreat. We welcome all faiths, all levels of practice, and all walks of life.
Below is a listing of onsite and online programs currently offered, or see a week-by-week listing of programs.
If you would rather take a retreat on your own, Ananda Meditation Retreat also offers the opportunity for Personal Retreats.

Onsite: Supported Silent Retreat

Still your mind and rejuvenate your spirit in this Supported Silent Retreat. Our meditation gardens and wild forest setting provide the perfect backdrop for you to go deep into silence and re-connect with your true reality…..the soul’s ever-existing Peace.

December 8-11, January 12-15 /16, February 9-12, March 9-12, April 13-16, May 11-14

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Onsite: All-Day Christmas Meditation

December 18, 7 am-3 pm

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Onsite: New Year's Silent Kriyaban Seclusion

Ananda Kriyabans only- Dec 29- Jan 1,  

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Onsite: Yoga & Meditation to Vitalize Your New Year

Start your year in a positive and dynamic way with this weekend of meditation, yoga practices, and  experiential classes.

January 6-8, 2023

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Onsite: Yoga, Meditation & Vision Board Weekend

Nurture your potential for the new year!

This weekend combines meditation, yoga postures, and a day-long Vision Board experience to help you set your intentions for the year ahead and help you bring your vision into manifestation!

January 6-8, 2023

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Onsite: Yoga & Meditation for Beginners

Explore meditation and yoga in a supportive environment! During his weekend you will: *Receive step-by-step instruction in meditation. *Learn gentle yoga postures and stretches for relaxation and well-being. *Explore transformative principles of Raja Yoga *Gain guidance and inspiration to develop your own practice at home. 

January 26-29,  May 4-7

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Onsite: Yoga & Meditation for Daily Life

This weekend program offers timeless techniques of meditation, relaxing yoga postures and a deep opportunity to explore ways to bring the practical teachings of Raja Yoga into your daily life.

February 3-5 

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Onsite: Yogic Tools for Happiness, Energy, and Inner Peace

Explore Yoga philosophy and practical techniques for increasing your happiness, energy, and inner peace!

March 2-5 

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Onsite: Relax & Renew Weekend

Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend in the beautiful gardens and forest of Ananda Meditation Retreat! Daily yoga postures and meditation, optional group activities, and ample free time will help you relax, and reconnect to your soul’s inner peace and joy.

March 16-19, April 6-9 

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Onsite: Mentored Personal Retreat

Support, guidance, and resources to enrich your stay . . .

Whether you want to learn meditation, deepen your practices, gain insight on your life or simply relax and renew, we are here to help!

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Onsite: Women's Retreat

Something special happens when women come together on retreat. There is a depth of connection, a meeting of hearts and minds. In addition to meditation and yoga postures, the Women’s Retreat features a Creative Arts session for a relaxing and fun way to connect with your spirit.

April 27-30

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Onsite: Men's Retreat ~ Refresh, Recharge, Revitalize!

Spend a weekend enjoying yoga postures, energization exercises, walking in nature, being quiet, learning tai chi, non-violent martial arts, meditation, and more...

April 21-23

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The program exceeded any expectations I had! So many times I had awe- inspiring moments of realization. The tools I gained here will constantly improve my life as I continue down this path of light.N.H., Minneapolis, MN