Letter from Nayaswamis Vidura and Durga

Ananda Meditation Retreat Managers

Vidura and Durga Smallen

Dear Friends,

We have begun to transform our energy infrastructure to address our power needs for now and into the future.

Earlier this year with the help of Devamuni Hall, our Village resident solar expert, we began the process of designing a new power system that could generate our electrical needs for now and well into the foreseeable future.

Once our system was designed, we were able to attract an initial investor who put forward the funds for us to purchase and install 54 solar panels as well as four high-quality inverters and related equipment necessary to process and distribute the solar power. Also, because of the generosity of an Ananda friend loaning the Retreat the funds, a high quality generator was immediately purchased for replacing our ailing aged diesel generator with a high quality one.  This loan is to be paid back over time.

Solar Panel Inverter RoomWe replaced our old inverters, and have begun to replace our old generator, and associated equipment with a clean, quiet solar-powered system!

Also, with a grant from the Janaka Fund, new tanks and pumps to upgrade our water system were purchased as well. The water from our well is now being redistributed to two new water tanks on the ground.

As significant as these steps are, there is still another major component that is still lacking to fully activate a system that will satisfy all the Retreat’s needs.

The next step is to replace our failing battery bank which right now is not able to provide the Retreat adequate backup power that our guests and staff have come to rely on: lights, good drinking water and enough water to keep the gardens magnetic, providing the nurturing that has become so treasured these last fifteen years or so. This is where we need your energy.

Please support the successful completion of this “off the grid” project, that runs the entire Meditation Retreat. Together we will achieve our goal of raising $150,000.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswamis Vidura and Durga, Retreat Managers