“Through the portals of silence the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you”

The silent meditation retreat was an amazing opportunity to unplug and rejuvenate in a nurturing, natural environment. To be amongst the trees and beautiful gardens was so satisfying to my soul and spirit. I feel reborn.

Liz, Sacramento, CA

Experience the nurturing quality of a Silent Retreat in a supportive COVID- safe group environment where you can still your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Our meditation gardens and wild forest setting provide the perfect backdrop for you to go deep into silence and re-connect with your true reality… the soul’s ever-existing Peace.

The retreat experience begins even before you arrive, with a Group Orientation via Zoom. During the orientation the group will:
*Introduce ourselves to each other
*Share our intentions and goals for the retreat time.
*The instructors will give suggestions on how to get the most out of a silent retreat
*We will cover practical aspects of staying at the retreat
*Share a short meditation class to give you tools for your inner journey

During your days of silent retreat onsite there will be:
*Twice daily 30-60 minute gatherings for guided meditation and instruction
– outside in our beautiful Temple of Leaves (Group activities will take place outside as much as possible. In inclement or cold weather, some activities may take place indoors, in a ventilated space large enough to allow distancing, and guests will be masked. We will not be offering yoga postures in this session, but you are welcome to bring your own mat and practice in your cabin- or in the Temple of Leaves area at other times during the day.)
*A choice of self-guided activities offered daily (including Nature Awareness, Walking Meditations, Self-Guided Reading and Journaling- etc.) to deepen and enrich your inner and outer experience.
*A brief one-on-one “Check-in” Meeting with the facilitator available for each person.

At the conclusion of the retreat: Closing Circle:
We will gather for a post-retreat Closing Circle, which has been very meaningful to guests. You can share any experiences and insights, and the facilitator will share tips on how to nurture the inspiration from the retreat – and to take the next steps on your journey.

Meals: Lunch and dinner will be served in “takeout” form, so they can be picked up and taken into our beautiful gardens or back to your cabin. (In inclement weather, meals may be served indoors, in a ventilated space that allows distancing. Guests will be masked, except when eating in silence.) Breakfasts, snacks and beverages are “on your own”. (Cabins have coffee cones and filters; bring your own coffee or tea. ☺ ) Gluten and dairy-free options are available- please let us know if you have specific dietary restrictions when you register.

Sample Schedule

6 pm– Guided Meditation Gathering
6:00 pm–  Dinner served
Evening– Guided Reading on the practice of silence or other suggested or self-chosen activity

Early morning– Yoga, Meditation & Breakfast on your own
10 am– A suggested activity will be offered daily- or spend time in quiet reflection with your own activity
Noon– Group Gathering and Guided Meditation
12:30 pm– Lunch served
Afternoon– Check-in appointment or Suggested Nature Activity, Walking Meditation, or time for Personal Reflection, Reading, Hiking, Meditation or other self-chosen activity.

5 pm–  Dinner served

Friday evening– Guided Reading and Introspection Journaling- or your own self-chosen activity
Saturday Evening– “Bringing the Peace of Silence into your life”: Guided Journaling questions in preparation for Closing Circle

Early morning– Yoga, Meditation & Breakfast on your own
10 am– Gather for Closing Circle (Silence ends) and Goodbyes
12 noon– Check out of cabin – (or book an additional night beforehand and extend your retreat time another day!)

What Others Are Saying

A place where you can connect with your Inner Peace, Nature and Higher Self. Everyone in this busy world of ours would benefit form a silent retreat at Ananda Meditation Retreat. Veronika Winski, Huntington Beach, CA
I discovered the value of not using my words, of being humbled through the silence to connect spiritually, and the value of taking in the joy of service and solitude. I feel strengthened, inspired and freed by staying connected in every moment. J. E., santa Rosa, CA
I came here because I needed to gain a sense of clarity and balance as I work to resolve some painful life experiences this year. Through the 3-day silent retreat, I was able to get in touch with a deep sense of peace and light within me.
B.C., Reno, NV

Please call 530-478-7557 or email us for more information or to register for the retreat!

Things to know about staying at Ananda Meditation Retreat at this time:
*We allow stays only in our self-contained cabins (Devotion, Peace of Mind, Krishna, Kindness, Renunciation, Lahiri). Bungalows, Monkalows, Happiness Lodge and camping are not available.
*The gardens and trails are open to guests staying at the retreat. Guests do need to have a mask and bring it in case they encounter someone, and need to practice physical distancing.
*All buildings are closed to the public (and guests) at this time. This includes all the temples, the dining hall/lounge and shower house.
*Sheets are provided; guests are asked to bring their own blankets, pillow and towels.

For onsite group retreats we are able to host visitors who:

*Are fully vaccinated

*Have been taking precautions to keep themselves and other safe- such as working in a COVID-safe environment, or at home

*Have been using PPE (especially masks) when in public indoor settings, etc.

*Do not have underlying health risk factors for COVID 19

*Have someone who- in the very unlikely possibility of becoming ill while here- could come get them

 If the above protocols fit your recent lifestyle (and your lifestyle in the 14 days before the retreat start date), please call or email us to register for the retreat and we will contact you about next steps.