No healing programs are currently scheduled. You might enjoy our Yoga and Meditation for Daily Life Online program instead.

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Healing takes place naturally in an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Nature is one of the most powerful tools to bring an inner rejuvenation to mind, body and soul.

These programs are led by teachers who are skilled at bringing forth your own inner potential for self-healing and transformation.

mary-kretzmannHealing with Divine Energy– Level 2 Training with Mary Kretzmann, Director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

$335 This fee includes program and meals only, cabin prices vary in addition to program fee. To select your accommodation, click the orange “Book Your Stay” in the upper right on this page

$400 This fee includes program and meals, cabin prices vary in addition to the program fee. To select your accommodation, click the orange “Book Your Stay” in the upper right on this page

In Level 1, the prerequisite for this course, you learn to serve as a channel for healing yourself and others using Yogananda’s ancient yogic techniques. In this 5-day program, you will expand your ability as a healer and a teacher of these techniques. In this program you will explore:

  • How to do laying on of hands
  • How to help your client be receptive to the healing energy
  • How to help your client continue the healing process once they go home (well chosen affirmation and guided cd’s etc.)
  • How to stay inspired in your healing practice.
  • Healer/client confidentiality
  • How to teach Yogananda’s healing techniques to others.

This is a unique opportunity to practice on each other, and also on the teacher, Mary Kretzmann. She will tune in and give you feedback on how to deepen your healing technique.

If you have not taken the online Level 1 course, you can enroll by clicking Here. This preliminary training takes 4 weeks and is fundamental to the Level 2 training. Please email Mary at if you have any questions.

imagesFreedom from the Bondage of Self
Joyful, Conscious Recovery

$130 (program fee and meals) to select your accommodation, click the orange “Book Your Stay” in the upper right on this page

CONSCIOUS RECOVERY is for those who are well along in their process of “recovering from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body” and are interested in deepening their conscious contact with God.  Experience the Promises, on a deeper level through meditation. You will be learning simple yet powerful techniques to help rejuvenate and heal in body and mind.  The nerves are quieted and healing begins here in an environment of beautiful healing gardens and true quiet. This is recovery at its best!

This retreat will be led by experienced practitioners of meditation who are either recovered for many years themselves or dedicated in this service. They will invite you to share your questions and help you to achieve what they have attained, true peace of mind and the ability to hold on to it!

This weekend you will:

  • Learn that there IS a natural system of healing and how to apply it~
  • Learn when to use will and how we receive Grace~
  • Learn how to improve your conscious contact with God through effective prayer and the stillness of meditation
  • Awaken to the truth that you are so much more than your disease or inner struggles.